1. 'Tis the Season for Giving

    It’s that time of year when everyone’s asking you for a little money. My tiny mailbox is inundated each day with stack of catalogs filled clever (and not so clever) gift ideas and heartfelt (and not so heartfelt) pleas from non-profits. This last year, I’ve had the privilege of watching a friend and co-worker start her own non-profit helping foster kids here in NY and it has been an amazing and humbling experience to see what she’s accomplishing. She’s working with a group of teens who are in foster care/group homes, planning events and activities they might not have access to otherwise and helping them start their own t-shirt design company with the proceeds going to a charity of their choosing - to help them learn to give back.

    If there’s a little money you like to donate this time of year, and it’s still looking for a home, I’d really encourage you to put it to use here.