1. People who want to have children, who are ready to have children, who can afford to have children and have made the conscious decision to have children do not have abortions. Who has them? Women with unintended pregnancies. Broken condoms, bad timing, heat of the moment mistakes. Women who are victims of rape. Women whose health is at risk. Children; 12, 13, 14 year olds who have had no instruction on birth control or the consequences of sex. Females who can’t afford a child. Who don’t want a child. Who can’t take care of a child. Women with no support, with sexual partners who are not going to help them with the care of a child.

    What happens when these children are brought into the world because some people with a religious or moral agenda decided that every sperm is sacred and a zygote is a viable human being? What happens when children who are unwanted are brought into the world? When they are born to people who can’t care for them physically, emotionally, or financially? What happens when those children are abused, neglected, raised in poverty, resented by a parent who was forced to continue with a pregnancy she wasn’t prepared for?

    — Michele Catalano

    This. But let’s keep up the good work by saving fetuses and cutting those “handouts”