1. Spoiler Alert: Nashville is not about two women being horrible

    Then there’s the misconception that Nashville appears to be a “women’s show.” Putting aside any casual misogyny that might be involved in relating a show to one gender, the idea is simply untrue. Yes, the show’s leads are three women and there’s a soapiness involved with love triangles, marital relations, and the Sturm und Drang of the heart. But Nashville is only as much a women’s show as Friday Night Lights was a “men’s show” or a football drama.

    Daily Beast

    If a misconception about Nashville exists, I place the blame solely on ABC’s deliberate marketing campaign to make this show into a “Real Housewives” of Nashville. I can’t help but wonder why they chose this path. Is it because they think the only way women are interesting is if they are vapid and can’t get along? Is it because we can’t understand complicated, nuanced things? Is it because they though Connie Britton’s hair is so great that nothing else matters?

    What originally attracted me to the role is the comparison of the two different musicians coming from two very different places, and two different world views in terms of their approach to music, their approach to their careers and they’re in two different places in their lives. The music business has changed so dramatically in recent years, and I think our show has a great opportunity to give our audience some insight into what that really looks like, what it looks like from the backstage.

    Connie Britton, on Nashville.

    If we’re being honest, the real reasons I gave this show a chance despite the catty marketing and heavy country music was because  of Connie Britton and my continuing withdrawal to Friday Night Lights.

    That being said, I am really enjoying this show so far and I’m shocked at how many times I’ve defended it by explaining that it’s not about two women fighting. In fact, after the first couple of episodes, Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere haven’t even interacted. But you know, where’s the fun in that? I can’t really even believe I’m capable of not being a man AND understanding a story about life experiences and living in the public eye and living with your decisions and falling out of love. OH WAIT. I can believe it, because these are human experiences, and I’m human after all.